sunset ride

by APO ザ·犬 。

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APO ザ·犬 。is a artist (producer) from Denmark. His name APO come from "Uchuu Kyoudai Space Brothers anime. His last tape called "Boogie Night", Boogie.nights is a solid collection of dope tracks and great flow. Listen to it enough times and you'll look like that dude on the cover. Favorite track: evenin'.horns.

APO produced music with Saib on "surfin" & "loverslude" ...

"Sunset Ride" is a new single produced by APO ! The instrumental is so relaxing that we would like to lay on the lawn of the Ueno Tokyo Zoo contemplating the sun ...



作者は“APO ザ·犬 。”と名乗るデンマークのビートメイカーのようです。この曲にハートをつかまれた者としては、このユニークな名前にだまされてはいけないと言わなくてはなりません。

「sunset ride」の1曲で販売しています。この1曲のために買う価値のあるステキな曲です。投げ銭制で販売されているので、値段を決めて買ってしまいましょう。(By - t d s, t d w)

Artwork by our designer : Jöw Simony


released August 22, 2015
Credits :
Track : APO ザ·犬 。- sunset ride
Produced by : APO ザ·犬 。
Label : Orikami



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